Alabama: Last Mule of Gee Bend


I learned something with this particular book, actually there are a couple of books about Gee’s Bend by this author/illustrator, but still I learned from them.


I learned there were many ways people were affected by the Civil Rights movements and how they worked to change how life was.


In Gee’s Bend they sewed quilts to support themselves after they lost their jobs for participating in the Civil Right movement.  That was the first book in the series, but I knew my mostly boys group wouldn’t want to hear about sewing.


022So, we went with the mules from there, they became known for standing up and being stubborn and when Martin Luther King Jr. was shot, those mules pulled his coffin for the funeral procession.


I wanted something 3-D, since I saw Glittering Muffins’ Sweden craft, this had been on my mind.


I did a Google search and found a picture of a donkey I liked, then mirror imaged it.  The kids happily colored it and then cut it out and glued them onto clothes pins to be able to stand, or that was the theory……..


The only one that actually happened with was the one I glued for Princess, otherwise…..

Alabama: Helen Keller

When I was growing up I was absolutely fascinated by Helen Keller.  She showed such amazing strength of character and will power.  I can probably trace my fascination with sign language back to then.  I read a biography about her in 4th grade and taught myself how to finger spell.  In high school I read her autobiography, fascinating book.


But I digress


We read the picture book of Helen Keller, which like other books in the series, gives a nice concise timeline of her life and why she is important.


Afterwards we talked about the challenges of being blind and having to have someone lead you around, and how hard it must have been to not be able to tell what you want for so long.



Then we wrote our names out in Braille, which took tremendous concentration.


One of the things that tickled me about this lesson was during our trip the kids kept trying to imitate Helen Keller and the signs she used for her parents and for bread during the trip.  I guess it made a fairly deep impact.