Taking a carriage ride

On Princess’ list of things to do since we got here: TAKE A CARRAIGE RIDE, well she’s only young enough to really want to do this once, so we decided to let her do it.


First we had to pet the horses and take some time to enjoy them.


Then we rode around town in it with a grinning 5 year old.


She did have to be reminded on a fairly regular basis to sit  back down.  Then we went on the “Bits and Bridles” tour, which will be the subject of a Science Sunday post later on, but that was not as fun because she didn’t get to pet any of the animals.  However her day was made when one of the carriage drivers offered to give us a ride back to the historic district.


018And SCORE it was a “pretty carriage that the princess rides in when she marries the prince.”


Batman was just happy to be allowed to bring his gun and be a soldier.

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