Science Sunday: Octopus Colors

Science Sunday

I just heard about a linky sponsored by Apologia Science, so I’m gonna link this up to Homeschool Science Show and Tell!

I had planned to share with you what we did with your suggestions for starfish (unfortunately they weren’t as intrigued with starfish as I am), but sadly I LOST MY CAMERA!  So that post will have to wait until I find it again.  Please be praying it pops back up sometime soon.

We read in our Swimming Creatures text that octopuses change color not just because of where they are, but also because of their mood.

This was fascinating to me, and demanded an art project.
First we painted the different colors octopuses have been seen to change.  Afterwards we painted our own idea of different emotions.

Simple, but to the point.

Did you ever have a science project lead to an art project?  My kids LOVED this!

Let’s see what others did this week (or in the past several weeks):

Over at Homegrown Learners they learned about Louis Pasteur, I’m linking to this partially because of the cool movie clip she found and partially because it was such a blast from the past to see this book series, which I had and LOVED growing up.

Spell Out Loud has a great post about the human heart.

Fit Kids Clubhouse had a great post about her son’s experiment with a lava lamp.  I really encourage you to take the time and read it, not skim, but read.  It’s a great testimony about taking the time to follow your child’s lead.

Little Wonder Days did a whole series of egg experiments.  This is part one.

Raising Lifelong Learners has a great post on making your own compass.

And finally here’s a fun suggestion of a series of books to read with your kiddos about different animals.

Science Sunday will be on a Saturday next week, and on Sunday I’ll be sharing the next country for Around the World in 12 Dishes: Sweden!  Anyone have a fun Swedish inspired craft they’d like to suggest?


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8 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Octopus Colors

  1. Science leading to Art sounds just about right! That always happens around here.. as you will see in our post too 😉 I love how you had them paint emotions, awesome!
    By the way, thanks for the kind words about the lava lamp blog post.. it means a lot! 🙂

  2. Thanks for featuring our compass activity, Ticia! Glad you liked it! I'm praying your camera turns up… that's the worst! I once lost my battery charger for a month. I squeezed ever bit of charge out of the battery until it couldn't give any more… and then complained every time I missed a great shot for the next month — sometimes resorting to using the kids' fisher price camera!

  3. Welcome
    I'm from Polish, Babylandia blogging.
    I really like the idea of adding your links and also added a pleasure to her 🙂
    I added a banner on our blog in the “blogging projects” 🙂

    Very often look at your blog 🙂

    Marta mama Nikusia

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