How to have a Carnival Party!

With some easy games and set up.

Step 1:  Order some bags and many chocolate and plastic coins from Oriental Trading Company, or similar place.

Step 2.  Collect an insane number of cans and paint them for the game.
Step 3: Set up knock the cans game down with coins, bean bags, and stack of cans.

Step 4:  Set up “basketball” or ball toss game.  You could also just cut holes in a cardboard box and decorate it.  Since we already had this, we used it.

Step 5: Set up catapult game with bowl of coins and rolled up sock ammunition.  If you don’t have a catapult, Family Fun has instructions for one.
Step 6: Set up “gimme game” of hopscotch, a guarantee of getting a coin.

Step 7: Set up, “Find the coin” game.

Step 8: Color bags.

Step 9: Play games and have fun.

9 thoughts on “How to have a Carnival Party!

  1. You probably said in a different post, but my brain has been hazy recently…
    Did you do this just as your family or friends, too? Or was this the boys' birthday party? Yeah…I'm in a fog right now. Likely sinus infection. And at 4:45 baby threw up on me.

  2. Aren't carnival parties fun? I did one for Katie years and years ago and we even did a pin pong ball pitch into goldfish bowls and the kids won the goldfish. The parents weren't too crazy about that one. The teens I had gotten to man the booths got to play all the games after the little kids were done and they said it was the best party they ever went to.

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