Science Sunday: Indy 500

Science Sunday
019Or, how to make 5 boys insanely happy.  All throughout our geography coop last week I let the boys, when they were done with other projects work on creating a race car out of Legos.

The only rules were it had to be able to move on its own, beyond that it was all in what they decided.

At first there was a lot of “My car has guns and a shield…….”  However as they tried out all of these uber weaponized race cars and discovered they didn’t go as far, they started taking off the weapons.

Before we raced the cars we took time to write what made each of their cars special.  Or in Princess’ case, draw pictures of different parts of her car.

It was interesting what each kid thought was special about their cars.  I think that’s one of the most amusing parts of teaching, seeing how their minds work.


As the very final activity for the day we raced them.

And of course we all have to pose for it!

We divided into two groups to race, andthe big kid race was tied between Superman and another kid.


The little kid race Princess won, and hers got the most distance of all.  Her secret weapon?

It was a SLED!  I didn’t think it was going to go far at all, but apparently it slid super well.

You learn something new every day!

Let’s see what others did this week:

Highhill Homeschool shared a water wheel her kids made (I’m really hoping she tells more about this, it’d be perfect for Mississippi).  UPDATED: She included more detailed instructions on making it, so here it comes for Mississippi.

Homeschool Mo writes about their earthworm unit (including an art project).  I don’t know if I’d order earthworms.

Teach Beside Me shared a food chain printable that looks fun.

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7 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Indy 500

  1. My kids love Legos and would think building the perfect race car, or sled, would be great. I need to put this on my list of things to do!
    Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

  2. Cool! Thanks for the mention! I was all, “Hey, someone else did earthworms too, how weird!” Then I realized you were talking about us. Yeah, I'm a bit slow sometimes… 🙂

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