Ohio: Invention Museum


Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle is about a young boy who wants to do something BIG!  He tries many different things and keeps failing.  Along the way he is teased for his failures, but he never gives up, and his Mom always believes in him.


Eventually he fulfills his ambition and builds his big invention.


This went perfectly with my discovery from the Teacher’s Guide to “B is for Buckeye” (I may not have access to the books, but I can read the teacher’s guides to get ideas), Ohio has an inventors’ museum.


What else can you do with a museum like that, but try to  invent something.  This time however I wanted my kids who tend to jump straight into the making to concentrate more on the process.




First they drew what they needed to make their invention.  I had originally planned on working with recyclables, but it was not a good day for that, so we used Legos.  Princess literally traced every Lego piece she intended to use.  Which rather amused me.


Then they wrote what it will do.  My boys created variations on flying machines.  I’m not sure what Princess’ did.



And finally they created their inventions.


Which I found out required many guns and soldiers.  Then more soldiers.


I love my boys.

I’m gonna link this over at A Mommy’s Adventures for stART.

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3 thoughts on “Ohio: Invention Museum

  1. That book sounds great!

    I think it's cool that princess traced every single lego. And somehow your boys' inventions don't surprise me =)

    I'm curious – why was it not a good day to work with recyclables? Surely there is a story there?

    Thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory!!!

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