Review: Making Cents Money Game


I was recently contacted by Lakeshore Learning to review one of their instant download software games.  I am super excited about this opportunity because when I was a teacher I would  spend way too much money at their store in Dallas.  The good news for my wallet was by the time they opened one in our area I was no longer teaching, so I had less of an excuse to spend large amounts of money there.  I still do, just less excuse.

I have several of their game boards, and the software titles look to be very similar to their game boards: bright colorful, high interest, and very interactive.



I opted to download Making Cents Money Interactive game.   Here’s what I thought:


1.  It’s for 2-4 players.  Many games for kids are just for 2 players, so this means all of my kids can play.

2.  It’s very easy and fairly intuitive (with a few minor exceptions).

3.  It’s bright and colorful has some sound without it being too overwhelming.  The animation level is just right for my slightly ADD boys.


1.  It’s listed for 1-3 grade, but I’d say the skill level is more of late second grade.  It’s a little hard for my kids right now, but it makes for a great game to play together.

2.  When figuring out how much money you have the coins have to be dragged into the slot at the top of the bank.  It took a few tries to remember this (yes, it’s a small nit).

3.  It’d be nice if the question could be read out loud for early first grade, but as I said it’s really more of a second grade game.




Would I buy more games?  Yes,  the price is high enough that I’m not going to buy every game, but I really don’t need to be buying every game.  The price point is perfect for a teacher who is going to be using this year after year, but as a homeschooler who will have a more limited time frame I’ll have to be a bit more choosy.

But, right now they have a sale going on BUY ONE, GET ONE HALF OFF, enter coupon code 7439 through the end of February.

image003If the game you want isn’t on instant download check back because they’re constantly adding new ones (including Daily Interactive Math Station, see picture above, which wasn’t available for download 2 weeks ago, my original pick to review).



I currently have two more games I want to get, the Daily Interactive Math Station, and I”m eyeing the Place Value Mystery House Interactive Game as well.


I get to giveaway one free download, to enter simply go to Lakeshore Educational Software and choose which one you want (make sure it is available as instant download).  Leave a comment with your choice and your email address.


1.  Follow my blog through GFC, subscribe, or email (1 entry for each, please comment for each one).

2.  Like me on FB and leave a comment.

3.  Like Lakeshore Learning on FB and leave a comment.

4.  Scan their website and find something else you’d like to get from their store and leave a comment.  I still use on a weekly basis the magnifying glass I got there 10 years ago.



DISCLOSURE: I received a free copy of the game in exchange for my honest review.  I received no other compensation, but am likely to go out and buy about 3 more games because I like this one so much.  Sigh, my poor wallet.

9 thoughts on “Review: Making Cents Money Game

  1. I think “Counting Skills Interactive Games” would be good for Emma's current level, but that Daily Interactive Math Station one looks great for longer-term interest!

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