Science Sunday: the experiment that didn’t happen


I complained about this on my facebook page, but I was quite ready to give my kids away to the first bidder that day.  I’d carefully laid out the materials, and we discovered we needed particular water.  So, we left it sitting there to go get the water.  We got back and Superman spilled liquids all over the food, and in the midst of cleaning it lost the food.


And then I discovered someone had cut the pipette in half.  At that point I sent them all away so I could regroup and not consider putting them up for adoption………..  I exaggerate slightly, but I was frustrated.


Why do I tell you all of this, especially since I do have another science activity to share?


Because I want you to know it doesn’t always go right here.  There are some days where I’m ready to throw in the towel and ship them off to public school.  But then I see things like this:


That’s all three of my kids happily playing together with play food and some plastic dishes.  Batman is in a cloak and from there they went on to fight bad guys and rescue people.


Now on to some successful science ideas:


Educating Layton was willing to explore a dead owl.  A mom after my own heart Smile


I’ve been seeing these water beads all over, and Jada Roo Can Do really makes me want to try them out.

7 thoughts on “Science Sunday: the experiment that didn’t happen

  1. Sorry to hear about the experiment that didn't work. Hopefully you know that you're not alone in having one of those despairing moments. Children are challenging little creatures, but they are also wonderful most of the time! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Ticia,

    Sorry about messing up with the link-up. I just added a new link-up with the correct URL, but can't delete the old entry. Can you do that for me (if it is possible)? Really sorry about that!

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