My dog secretly thinks he’s a cat


This is my dog.  He’s small for a mini-schnauzer, and weighs about the same as most cats.  I think he got confused and decided he’s a cat.


I have a bad habit, and I know it.  I put the leftovers on the kitchen table when we get back from somewhere and then walk off to put my shoes away intending to come back.


This doesn’t always happen.


This particular time as I was taking my shoes off, I stopped to look up a detail on the art project we were about to complete.  I then got distracted answering an email and then the kids were all set to head off and start the project without me.  No joke.


So, I headed up and started it up.  I send them off for a rest and then head off to spoil myself with a bath.  As I’m laying there soaking said “dog” comes up smelling of Shanghai chicken.


I wrap the bathrobe around me and see the above picture on the floor.  Notice he didn’t eat the rice.  He jumped from the chair to the table, and knocked it on the floor in eating what would have made a full other meal for the kids and I.


He is now spending some quality time outside contemplating just what he did.  I don’t think he looks sorry, what do you think?

7 thoughts on “My dog secretly thinks he’s a cat

  1. Love this post! We have an 8 pound dog that thinks she a Doberman and a 60 pound dog that swears he is a 5 pound purse dog. Our third dog thinks he is a cat (or perhaps an acrobat) and we frequently find him on top of the sofa, entertainment center, the weirdest places.

  2. Hahah! What a cute dog! Though my dog doesn't act like a cat, he actually likes the company of our cat. They love to play with our shoes and slippers. Our shoes and slippers are usually scattered all over the house after they play.

    Ethan Rehman

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