Bible Alive: Frogs, where do all these frogs come from

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Before Christmas I started my kids on Moses, but then Christmas came along and Moses just went out the window, other than the short bit I did on him as part of Advent.

Well, we got back to it this week, and I’m going to post this stuff out of order as I’m going to be doing some activities out of order.

So, I read all about the plagues, and we learned all about the plague of frogs.  Now I’m sure that the Egyptians when that plague happened thought, “I know we can play a game with these little buggers.”

So, we did.  Or rather we played with the 15 or so frog bean bags I made.  I had made more but I think the kids ate some.


I piled all of the frogs in the middle and for the first game they had to run over and pick them up one at a time and run them back to the ring.

This was a great success.


The second game went over great with the boys, but not so much with the girl.  In this version I gave them a time limit and told them once they ran out of frogs in the bucket they could steal from each other.  If they got tagged while stealing they had to drop the frog.  Princess was not so good at the tagging and defending.

At some point I have an activity to do involving Moses and the burning bush, but……..  It’s been 70 here.  I don’t think it would go over well with Jeff if I started a fire when it’s that warm.

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