Do you ever play with your camera settings?

We finally made it to the children’s museum and the dinosaur exhibit which I thought would enthrall my kids, they spent a cursory few minutes at, and then they split according to gender.


So, I spent a good 30 minutes being fed plastic food.  Which led me to play with the settings on my camera.


This is the accentuate one color.  I played around with different colors, but pink was most startling.


Fish eye and miniaturization.  Neither of which I thought were all that fun.  Maybe I should play with them more, or it might be a situational thing.


You know looking at most of the rest, I don’t particularly see how they were different, but it’s a fun thing to fiddle and play with.


Do you ever play with the settings on your camera?  Any tips or tricks?  I’m not that great of a photographer.  I can see what makes a great shot, but I don’t always follow through.

8 thoughts on “Do you ever play with your camera settings?

  1. On outings I use a small point-and-shoot Camera. One setting that I use occasionally is Macro, that's how I took some neat pictures of tropical butterflies in California Academy of Sciences. With your kids, you'd better master an “Action Shots” setting 🙂

  2. I used to have my old camera worked out pretty good, and it had great software to alter the pics afterwoards. I think I might have to start looking into my new camrea, you never know what you might find!

  3. Those pink photos are rather interesting. I'm not even sure if my camera has that function.

    I use the Macro feature quite a bit when focusing up close to objects. I've also noticed that in general, the camera takes much clearer pictures outside. Other than that I just let the device do its thing. So glad it knows what it is doing, otherwise I'm sure all my pictures would be blurry and crappy.

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