Beware the salad monsters

Saying my boys like salad would be an understatement.  The little bandits are quite sneaky about it, or not so sneaky.



It started with a simple invade Daddy’s salad, and eat it all.  Then they started reaching across to mine…….



We gave in and gave them the last scraps in the bowl and that’s when the true fiendishness started.  TWO FORKS APIECE, and then Batman upped the ante with THREE FORKS.


Only problem is it’s not super effective for actually getting the food to your mouth.

12 thoughts on “Beware the salad monsters

  1. That is an excellent question. One which I do not have the answer to

    This is their pratt vegetable intake as long as I can put it in a salad they will eat it

  2. Oh how silly they are! 🙂
    My Lauren often likes to have both a spoon and a fork to use at once, but I've never seen two forks at a time, let alone three!

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