Final Christmas memories post for the year

Now that I’m home and have internet connection I can write the remainder of the posts I have to write for last year and such.


One thing I discovered after Sam died is an appalling tendency in my photo taking to concentrate on the kids, and not get pictures of the adults as much.  I’m trying to fix that trend, so I made sure to get at least one picture of each adult.



The most hilarious present was for Princess.  Her Nana had put all of her presents in one big bag almost the size of her.  So after she’d emptied it out, she spent the rest of the morning hiding in the bag and then popping out to surprise us.  It was quite fun.



Oh, and I love this shot of the tossled bed head as she went through her stocking and discovered her ornament from Santa, a nativity picture.  Isn’t that just the sweetest?

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