Goals for the coming year


Goodbye 2011!


You’ll be missed, well some parts of you, others not as much.


I was looking back at my goals I had for the last time I set goals, and I have to say there were mixed results, so many of them I need to reuse as goals.



1.  Get the whole house under control.  My goal is to achieve at least one room a month.  Some months I will get more than one.


2.  Establish a workable chore plan for the kids.  All of the ones we’ve tried so far have not worked, hence why I haven’t shared.  It’s worked for a few days to a week, but not lasting.


3.  Resubmit my Bible study for publication.  I submitted it once before and was given some revisions to make.  I did those, but never heard back, so I need to try again.


4.  Establish a workable routine.  I created one at the beginning of the fall, but I very quickly figured out I don’t need a generic here is what I do for the day, but a day by day plan, otherwise it will fall apart.





1.  Get a pantry that I can find stuff in.  It’s gotten rather messy these past few weeks, and it’s more of a shove into place, rather than in the right place.


2.  Figure out a cleaning schedule for the kitchen that includes deep cleaning things.


3.  Create a daily review sheet for the kids.  I used to do this when I was teaching, but I want to start it up again.


Now, I’m off to fiddle for a few minutes before taking down our Christmas tree!

9 thoughts on “Goals for the coming year

  1. Happy New Year to you. Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2012.

    Room by room is the way to go. I've been tackling each of the children's rooms. We did quite a bit of entertaining before Christmas and it was the perfect motivation to organise and deep clean.

    I learnt my lesson this year and bought some storage tubs before Christmas (last year I tried to get a stack of tubs after Christmas and it was slim pickings as I evidently came after the rush on these). I've been organising the Christmas pressies into these and love opening an organised cupboard. Sadly, the same can't be said for our pantry.

    Good luck with your goals for 2012!

  2. I am thinking through some of these things too this week. We start back school Wednesday and I hope to be able to spend a couple of days just sitting and dreaming and planning.

  3. Happy New Year, friends! I love those family photos. You all look so happy. I think those are the goals that challange every mom of young children. It is hard to keep order and a chore schedule with young ones. They will get older and it will get easier sooner than you think.

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