Local Christmas memories

With all of the grandparents and aunts and uncles in short driving range we get to celebrate 3 Christmases.  At the time of this writing we’ve had 2 of them (with my family and our own celebration).

So, I give you photo evidence of the chaos that ensued, and Aunt Tara was kind enough to take pictures that day, so I’m actually in pictures!


The highlight for the kids was seeing Aunt Jenn open the presents for “Baby C” as they are eagerly awaiting the birth of a new cousin.  The most amusing part for the adults was watching my Mom eagerly wait for everyone to open their presents so she could remember what she got them.


I love that the kids were so excited about what they were giving other people.  They were very impatient for me to open my presents from them, and it was fun to open them and see.



Princess was super proud of finding a nativity night light for me, “It’s special because it has baby Jesus.”



We got a lot of laughs out of Mom’s wrapping this year, she decided to use newspapers to continue an old family tradition, but since she didn’t get the newspaper she was limited to what came in the mail.  So, I got a young black man on one of my presents, Princess had guns from Academy………..  Not that our unique brand of wrapping is much better……..


I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I’m about to leave for Dallas to see Jeff’s side of the family.

8 thoughts on “Local Christmas memories

  1. Three Christmases! That is great! I love all of the pictures! I hope you are having fun in Dallas! My sister and her husband were just in Dallas (actually over Thanksgiving); they are HUGE Cowboys fans.

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