50 State Study: North Carolina

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As you can see North Carolina was not heavy on printable activities.  Actually it wasn’t super busy this time through, most of the books I found were checked out of the library and didn’t straggle in for a while.

North Carolina state symbols

Design our own airplane-of course a favorite activity

waterproofing– what is the best way to waterproof your paper


If I had thought about it, I could have put a pocket in to save their protest signs…….


Of course I don’t know that I want to encourage their protesting……….



The other activity from North Carolina I couldn’t put in was their drowning Blackbeard puppet.


My two posts I have saved on North Carolina:

All Things Beautiful has a North Carolina post.

Weiser Academy has one on studying rocks.


And I’m going to link this over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and All Things Beautiful (who I’m still waiting for her button Smile)

6 thoughts on “50 State Study: North Carolina

  1. You have been do so many awesome activities with your children. It is interesting for me to learn more about your states and history.

    Your children must be having a ball with the variety of activities you have been preparing.

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