When Santa Lost his Ho Ho Ho!



When Santa Lost his Ho Ho Ho! is a seriously cute book about Santa not being able to laugh.  Santa and all the elves spend days trying to figure it out, and the letters start pouring in from worried little kids.  Finally one child saves the day in a most adorable way.





After reading a book like this what can you do, but write a letter to Santa?  Now I need to make sure they get mailed………


The boys predictable wanted Imaginenext toys, their absolute favorite right now, and Princess wants Barbie.

They all tried to cheer poor Santa up with humorous pictures, and I think they would have done a pretty good job if the guy had lost his “ho ho ho.”



And then we proceeded to decorate our presents.  This year rather than paint and then wrap, I opted to wrap them and then let them stamp with red and green stamp pads.  Then we went through my scrapbook papers and cut them up and glued away.  Next step to teach them about ribbons!



Oh and here’s some proof that all is not always well in our household, I don’t remember what made him mad, but boy was he mad about something.

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11 thoughts on “When Santa Lost his Ho Ho Ho!

  1. We don't “do” Santa, but we enjoy the character and think it is fun. I think the kids would like this book. Maybe we can make a game were we change the pitch of our Ho-Ho-Ho.

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