Vermont: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

My kids have been asking for ice cream for ages and ages.  I was glad to have this excuse of getting some, but I have to admit I didn’t get Ben and Jerry’s.  I’m too loyal a Texan and I got Blue Bell.  Shocking and horrible.


So, I don’t really have any pictures from us actually doing this activty, because this is a clean version of my kids eating ice cream.  When you add in toppings and syrups…….  It was more of triage and keeping sticky hands off stuff.


We read the book, and talked about Ben and Jerry’s funny names they come up with for ordinary flavors.  Then the kids all happily designed their own flavors complete with funny names.

vermont ice cream


This is the printable we used, but Ben and Jerry’s website also has some fun games you can play, which we didn’t really get a chance to do.


Messiness and all that……..



Well, this is two posts in one day, but neither of them are particularly inspired, but putting them together in one post seems rather shoe-horned.  Or it does to me, and I know I have weird opinions, especially when I have a headache.  I’m gonna go eat something. Widgets

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