Family Christmas Tree

I was going to include a picture of this book cover, but the image from Amazon was horrid.

Family Christmas Tree– Basically this story uses a family talking about getting their tree to cover different traditions and how our tradition of a Christmas tree came about.


Of course, I read it to them because I knew we were decorating our own tree that afternoon (sneaky me).


No amazingly great pictures because my camera battery was dying.  Superman is the one with the moose.  He was so happy to find that moose in the box of Christmas stuff where it accidentally got packed last year.


When do you get your Christmas tree?  I like to get ours the day after Thanksgiving, but circumstances conspired against me this year and we had to wait a few days.

13 thoughts on “Family Christmas Tree

  1. I bet you guys had fun. I saw what you meant about the book picture, you need a magnifying glass! We usually love his books though.
    Little Wonders' Days

  2. We have a fake tree, and we, too, try to set it up the week end after Thanksgiving. HOWEVER, part of the lights that are attached to it have burnt out, so we are still trying to figure out which bulb needs replacing…grrrrr…. ;0)

  3. Decorating the tree is always so fun. I like to get mine within the first week after Thanksgiving, depends on what the weather has been like since we go with a cut yourself tree, we want it to last.

  4. Looks like fun! We had to decorate the weekend after Thanksgivng too, because we were out of town for Thanksgiving. I went to put the lights on our tree and all 11 boxes of lights did not work. We think it had something to do with the lightning that struck our house.

  5. We put ours up on December 23rd. We purchase a ball and burlap tree to plant after Christmas. My son's birthday is December 22nd, so the timing works out perfectly. We can make it all about his birthday, and then get our tree in the house in just the right time to keep it alive.

  6. We try to do it around the first or the weekend that falls closest to it (since Dh has to drag the enormous thing out of the back shed). We were early this year because we didn't actually decorate it. We are making our decorations and them to the tree as we go!

  7. We just got our tree up last night. Late for us.

    My computer has been out of commission so I haven't been able to check in. Too funny about finding the stuffed mouse in the Christmas decorations. Sounds like something that would happen here.

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