Science Sunday: review Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day lap book

Whew, that was a mouthful, but I thought I’d show you what we’ve been using with our science pick for the year.

This is a printable lapbook created by “A Journey Through Learning” on Currclick.  I got it during one of their periodic 50% sales, at some point I should join their affiliate program because I talk about them frequently enough.
There is also a black and white version, but I liked the appeal of color, and if I want I can print it in black and white.
Besides my kids are very back and forth on coloring.
What has been working for me is printing off a chapter’s worth of materials at a time.  The picture here is showing Princess holding her drawing of what she thinks a mosasaurus looks like.  Apparently they’re pink.
Very pink.
She thinks a lot of stuff is pink.  But, it’s been an interesting window into their world having them tell me what they got from the readings for the day.  Some days it’s been insightful, others it’s “They eat fish, Mommy.”  Thanks kid, anything else?
All in all I really enjoy this.  I especially enjoy that if we go back to this textbook I can just print off the material again and they can fill it out again.
Here’s a couple of fun things ya’ll did this week:

Journey to Josie shared about their leaf field trip and I LOVE how they spent time picking up trash first.

Fantastic Five shared how they tested for starches in their food using iodine.

Do you have anything you’ve found super helpful like this?  Something that went with what you’ve been using and made it so much easier?

FYI: I changed how long the linky was open, I thought the people who linked up later in the week weren’t getting as much traffic as other people, so I decided to close it earlier so the people linking later in the week can instead be one of the first ones on Sunday morning.  Oh, and this forces me to visit people earlier……….

5 thoughts on “Science Sunday: review Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day lap book

  1. I like Currclick too, but sometimes I download their stuff because I think it's going to be great and then I forget that I have it!!! I also struggle with the cost of ink. It probably isn't so bad, but when you do go to purchase it, it's expensive. We just spend $50 color and B&W cartridges at the same time — during the most expensive month of the year!! Oh well. The post I did was from a down-loadable, printable site as well, and I liked it because it wasn't a big investment, but it gave me a guide to follow on the subject of arthropods. Using short units like that is great for me (and my kids), especially if they're free!

    Thanks again for the link-up!

  2. That's cool that this works so well for you! I share Michelle's issue with printing stuff, so I prefer stuff that is already printed. I can see a definite benefit to downloads with multiple homeschooling kids, though!

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