Christmas traditions: buying presents for your sibling



For the past several years we’ve had a Christmas tradition of taking one kid out at a time to do their Christmas shopping.  We make a fun outing of it, letting them choose a place to eat, and getting things they usually don’t (desert).



This year we’ve done our shopping early, because Jeff took Batman to work and he got his shopping done the other two desperately had to do that as well.  But Jeff got sick, so he couldn’t do that, instead I took Superman and Princess out on the same day, but different times.



It’s fun because you get to see their different personalities as they choose for different people.  They all have a plan and are quite sure they know what they want to do.  I don’t always understand their plans, but it is interesting to see for me.





We do the same thing for birthdays, and I love to see how much they love each other.  These past few weeks I have been so thankful to see how well they play together.  It’s really helped that it’s cooled down and they can go spend hours outside.  I do mean hours.  My neighbors must think I’m crazy, my kids are always in the front yard playing.  What is it about front yards?

7 thoughts on “Christmas traditions: buying presents for your sibling

  1. We have an ENORMOUS back yard, and my kids always want to play in the front yard instead! I don't get it.

    I'm trying to convince Mike to let the kids buy gifts for each other like this. We drew names in my family, and it was always fun picking out something special for a sibling. Still is – we've kept the tradition.

  2. We have the kids draw names, so they each buy for one other sibling, then we pile them in the van and take them to the store, where they go in one at a time with Doug, while I wait with the others – and it's all done in one night. We'll do it much closer to Christmas though – mine could never keep their purchases secrect for an entire month!

    Your special time out, with dinner and dessert sound like fun.

  3. Drawing names probably makes a lot more sense for a larger family.

    We usually do it much closer to Christmas because mine can't really keep a secret worth anything, but Jeff wanted to time it with his taking the kids to work.

  4. Our school has a holiday shoppe set up for one day and the kids go in with “elf helpers (5th graders)” to do their shopping. I have no idea what they bought and it's always fun to see what they pick for everyone.

    My kids love the front yard too.

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