Rhode Island: Carousels

Rhode Island is famous for carousels, and I LOVE carousels, so I was eagerly looking forward to this idea.


I searched my library and found 10 books there about carousels, and thought I’d hit the jackpot.  Then I actually went there and all of them were checked out except for this one.


And luckily it’s a very cute story.  Not great, but cute.  It’s a story of how times change and how friendships change, but stay the same.  I loved the ending, and how the friends worked together.


Afterwards I decided to have the kids make their own carousel horses, and after a quick Google search I found this great site of carousel coloring pages.  I chose the gif one and shrunk them down to the size I wanted and printed them on cardstock.




I set them to happily coloring their menagerie of carousel creatures.  Here’s a few carousel facts:


1.  If all 4 feet are on the ground that means the animal does not go up and down.


2.  The horse with the most color and the most style is the lead horse.


3.  If the carousel has more than just horses on it, it’s called a menagerie.


017When they were done coloring we used q-tips dipped in water and smeared them for a lovely paint effect.


As you can see ours was a menagerie.  Including mythical creatures, which I am very proud to say my kids could properly name all of them.


Yes, I am a geek.


Once I can get them to sit still again.  I swear someone poured ants down their pants and they haven’t been able to sit still for longer than 10 minutes at a time….. So, once they’re sitting still again I will have them cut out the creatures and glue them to popsicle sticks for their very own carousel figure.

6 thoughts on “Rhode Island: Carousels

  1. Carousels are great! And I love this craft. My kids are awesome at sitting down (too awesome, actually – I have to make them go outside most of the time, given the choice they would happily sit still drawing all day every day) but they still aren't fans of structured crafts. They might like this one, though!

  2. Carousels have such a magical quality about them.

    I can relate to that feeling of thinking you've hit the jackpot with library books and then getting there and the books are either still out, or not anything like what you had hoped for or imagined.

    Happy belated 5th birthday to your beautiful Princess. Our girls are only a couple of months apart!

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