Science Sunday: frogs

Science Sunday
I thought it’d be good to review our study of frogs.

We read this book and also reread the section on frogs and toads in our science book.

Afterwards we talked about the differences between frogs and toads.


Earlier I had gone over to my swimming creatures pinboard and found this idea by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational (printable included there).  She had linked it up to Science Sunday right after we’d studied frogs and toads, so I didn’t do it then, but saved it as a review activity for a day when the kids wanted a craft and I wasn’t up for a big craft.

So, they happily colored and talked to me about the differences.

Frogs have longer legs for hopping, and have smoother skin (generally speaking).

Toads have shorter legs and have bumpier skin.
We also looked at the difference between frogs and toads for more information.

By the way my boys decided their frogs were poisonous, so they colored them bright colors to warn predators they were poisonous.

It was even more impressive when we found a toad in a neighbor’s front yard and they correctly identified it, and then spent 10 minutes chasing the poor thing around the yard.

It’s so much fun when they show off what they’ve remembered from earlier lessons.

I’m also going to try and start showing off some posts that were linked up in previous weeks.  So, here’s a few that stood out to me:

Changed by the Maker showed off her artificial gravity experiment.

 And Next Gen Homeschooler made plastic using milk as part of her Letter M studies.  I know it is bad grammar to start off a sentence with a conjunction, but I’m lazy.

That’s it for this week, I can’t wait to see what ya’ll have done!

7 thoughts on “Science Sunday: frogs

  1. Frogs are great! Have you raised tad poles yet? We did it twice, and the last time we actually got 2 little frogs out of the deal. It was kind of mom-intensive because the boys were young, but what a learning experience, even for me! Great stuff!

    Thanks for linking to my last post! I'll be linking-up a new post tomorrow morning! Thanks for the opportunity to link! I appreciate it!

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