How to make a mummy doll

Because it’s scary, or I could claim it’s to study mummies from the Egyptians……..  But, we made the chicken mummy………  So, I guess this is just for fun.


Supplies: medical tape, fabric cut into strips (for a small doll I cut 1 inch wide strips, and for the bigger doll I made 2 inch strips), stuffed toy




  We found it was easiest to first tape the strip of cloth to the doll and then start winding around and around, and tape it at the end.  It took several strips per doll, but Batman found this to be a delightful way to spend an afternoon.






This is of course aided by a cute puppy hiding in the ball game.


Finally draw a face on your mummy with marker, because it needs one…….Maybe it’s the funeral mask.



Eventually Superman wandered up from his sick bed (he’d been sick that day) and joined in.  And we got treated to a skeleton giraffe, and with plans of a skeleton snake.


I suppose if you want a book to go with this you could read “Skeleton Meets Mummy” for the scary factor or for the educational factor “Miss Frizzle’s Adventures in Ancient Egypt.”


I present “SCARY!  Batman doll mummy!”

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