Science Sunday: Pumpkin and other fruit science

Science Sunday

Though now that I think about it, I’m not sure that a pumpkin is a fruit………


I got this unit from Currclick, and was going to do all of the projects, but just ran out of time between going out of town and Superman being sick this past week, we only got to the pumpkin one…….


It has 5 experiments for the price of 35 cents, that’s right less than a dollar.  This is where I start having a hard time paying a lot for things, between the freebies on blogs and deals like this………. By the by click on the picture to go to the product.


Well, the pumpkin one, was the traditional “does the pumpkin float” experiment, and measuring it with a nice little printable.  We did that a few years ago, and I was curious to see if they remembered the results.  They did, so the wow factor was kinda gone……


But, there’s a twist:


Based off what you learned from the pumpkin, will the other fruits (and vegetables if you’ve got them easily findable) float?




They had a suggested list, but I forgot to get all of the things they suggested, so instead we tried: apple, orange, and tomato as well.


We did an initial guess and they decided the orange and pumpkin would float.




Once we got to actually recording our predictions they changed their hypothesis about what would float.


They ended up predicting that all of them would float.  This was also a great opportunity for me to review the terms hypothesis, theory, and prediction with them.



No pictures of the actual floating Afterwards we drew a picture to show what actually happened.  SURPRISE they all floated!


Have you ever repeated an experiment with your kids?  Did they remember the first time you did it?

7 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Pumpkin and other fruit science

  1. sorry it did something weird the first time I linked, and when I checked it wasn't there, so I thought it didn't take…so I did it again and then there were 2….oops!

  2. I haven't done the pumpkin floating experiment again this year and we already experimented with an orange. We read that it was the porous peel that made the orange float so it was supposed to sink when we peeled the skin off. Well, it floated. So much for Bill Nye's interpretations!

    I wonder what other experiments we can do with pumpkins. It was cool the first time we did it because we had kids of all ages and they were wowed. I don't think it will have the same effect again either. Maybe the disappearing pumpkin trick?

    We've measured, weighed, and counted the seeds. I know! We'll grow them next year!

  3. Pumpkin is definitely a fruit – we just read about that yesterday. Anna usually remembers the experiment, but it depends on the question. For example, yesterday she completely blanked out on the question of how we could water into gas. She suggested that we need to melt it.

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