Colonial America: presentation time

A couple of weeks ago we finished up our study of “Life in Colonial America,” and now we’ve moved on to the American Revolution…….

Princess and Youngest E talked about the clothes people wore.  Princess did pretty well over all because she knew what she was talking about and could mostly name all the different layers of clothes……….


The boys talked about colonial punishments.  They did a great job for their first presentation (and I’ll spare you the 5 minute video of it).  They remembered most of their topic, and were able to explain what the different punishments were for.

The most hilarious point came when Superman was asked how long someone could be in the stocks.  Batman said “100 hours!”  and then Superman said, “Until you die!”  The reality of it being only for a few hours was a little disappointing, but they did make sure to point out that you got to throw food at the people in the stocks.

Oh, and here’s our takeaways from our first attempt at presenting (for all ages and kids):

1.  Make them write out what they want to say, especially the older kids.
2.  Make sure they’ve rehearsed it out loud, not just take their word for it.
3.  Prepare visual aids better.  The boys ones worked well, but Princess’ kept trying to fall off.
4.  Did I mention practice?
5.  Assign out the topics, which we’ve already done.

Any suggestions for better presentation for our kids?  This was their first time doing it, and overall they did good, but we could see some room for improvement. 

Now, head on over to All Things Beautiful for some more history/geography projects.

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