Ten Timid Ghosts

Or maybe I could say it’s one of the other ghost books we’ve read recently.  But, that’s the one I remember the title for.



After reading it, I forced the kids to paint their hands white and get handprints, because I’d seen a ghost handprint on Pinterest and remembered my plans to do it.  That’s right forced them because they didn’t want to get their hands dirty.  So, Superman didn’t really have one.




Well, we decorated away once the paint was dry, and in Princess’ case this meant adding large amounts of glitter glue.


In the boys, it meant making their ghosts look scary…….


Yes very scary.




And then Batman remembered the ghost he’d cut out of paper a few months ago.  He fished it out of his drawer and taped it up with a scrapbooking sticker border he’d found amongst their crafting supplies.


This would be why I never get away with getting rid of anything.  Three months later they suddenly remember their desperately wanted item and will hunt it down.  Nothing is forgotten here.



I will die with my house filled to the brim with paper scraps, because my kids will remember this “treasured” story from 50 years ago.


6 thoughts on “Ten Timid Ghosts

  1. Oh, my! I am amazed at how much our kids seem alike. 1) My boys will not do handprint crafts either, 2)My kids also remember every piece of thing they ever drew or made and it is precious not-to-be-thrown-away as well.
    We have to roll with things around here,too.

  2. Selena would enjoy this. To think it wasn't but a couple of years ago that she wouldn't get her hands dirty. I tend to put things away someplace and forget where I put them.

  3. We made footprint ghosts this morning and that's all my boys wanted to do all day was have me paint their feet. Kids! You never know if they're going to love it or hate it that day 🙂

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