Favorite shots from the trip that haven’t made it into posts

Because I want to, so there.

IMG_3619 IMG_3518 IMG_3497 IMG_3618 IMG_3388

Looking at my favorite shots that didn’t get included yet, I’m noticing that with the exception of the really cool carousel shot they’re all rather indicative the kid’s personality.


Princess is larger than life and wants to be the center of attention.  It cracked me up so much when she stuffed those two animals in those little bitty pockets.


Superman has a smile that will light up the world.  And he loves to tell you a story and more jokes than I care to think about, though they only make sense to him.


Batman and Princess are like two peas in a pod as far as personality goes, which is probably also why they’re the two most likely to be fighting…..  You wouldn’t believe how often he asks to have his picture taken, that boy is a natural camera hog 🙂

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