New York: Norman Rockwell

We read this super cute book about Norman Rockwell, which is apparently part of a series.  At the time I wrote this I forgot to put the link in originally.  But I highly recommend it.  It tells a fair amount about his life and a little bit about how he drew and what his goals and aspirations were.


And then I googled Norman Rockwell pictures, and each kid wrote a story to go with their picture.  There was some last minute trading around of the pictures, but eventually everyone was happy with their pictures.

Here’s Princess’ story to go with this picture:  She is waiting for her mom and dad to come..


Pretty good handwriting for a 4 year old (she copied after I wrote it out for her).

I love the idea of taking a picture or illustration and writing a story around it.  Debbie over at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn had been doing this with Selena for a while, and I kept meaning to do this, and now I have.  Hopefully I’ll do it again soon.


6 thoughts on “New York: Norman Rockwell

  1. This is a great activity! After reading Christy's comment I looked up the museum in MA, but it's nearly three hours from us so it'll have to wait until the kids are older (or we're headed in that general direction, someday…)

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