Bible Alive: Abraham part 1

This past week with the kids (I did this a few weeks ago in Sunday School) we talked about Abraham and how God promised him his descendants would be as numberless as the stars.
Then they got to color their picture with crayons and make glitter glue stars.  When it was all dried I painted over it with watercolor paint to make it look like night.

I thought I had gotten this idea from a post over at Our Country Road but can’t find it or anywhere else I might have gotten it.  My Genesis Pinterest board failed me……..  Oh well.  So, if you’ve seen a similar craft to this can you put the link in the comments?

I particularly like the individuality in each one.  Superman added an owl up in the tree.  Princess and Batman added Jesus.  But Batman was more interested in getting the the next thing so his Jesus is just an outline, and Princess drew in this big vague shape with lots and lots of color, mainly pink……..

If you’d like the picture they used to color, here’s my Abraham counting the stars coloring page.

And for those who are wondering, I need to resubmit my stories to the place I submitted it.  The first go round she said there’s interest but it needs polishing, particularly in the scanning of it.  I just need to sit down and resend it again.

8 thoughts on “Bible Alive: Abraham part 1

  1. Cole and I just read about his name change to Abraham last night. Cole asked if he was going to have to change his name? I said, “If God tells you to, I think you had better obey.” 😉

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