Solving a problem…..


Now they each have a clearly marked spot, and they do not cross it.  We rotate who sits at each spot at a different time.


Someday I will look back on the need to do this and laugh and laugh and laugh.  Today is not that day.  Today it is a necessity.

15 thoughts on “Solving a problem…..

  1. ROFL!! That's exactly what I did the second I saw the image, so funny, so cute and major memories for me.

    My sister and I did this to our bedroom growing up, divided the dresser and all….what a crack up!!

  2. Oh how I feel your pain. Not funny to you today, but boy it makes a funny blog post.

    The things we do for a bit of peace and quiet. When we come home now Savvy and Blakie have an argument about who is going to check the letterbox. Our solution -they argue means I check it, otherwise if it is a kindy day Blakie checks it and non kindy days Savvy checks it. Crazy, crazy times!

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