Virginia biographies

Have you read any of David Adler’s books?

I’ve been seeing them at the library for a while, and kept almost getting them, but I always had another book about the same person that I got instead.  This time I couldn’t find anything else on Robert E Lee, and I wanted to make sure to teach about him when we learned about Virginia.

Now, I might make a point to get these just for a general overview of the people.  It’s a nice introductory biography.

I used them for Robert E Lee, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Patrick Henry in Virginia.  Yes, all 4 of them.

I did a couple of different things:

Robert E. Lee and George Washington- I simply gave them half a sheet of paper and found an image of the person.  Then they wrote a sentence about something they learned.  I learned Robert E. Lee was against slavery and freed all of his slaves before the Civil War.

167Thomas Jefferson-We learned about how he was an architect for a while and how he designed Monticello as his “dream house,” so they designed their own dream houses.  Here’s the outside of Superman’s house, don’t be fooled by the innocent flower, it’s a well protected house.
Actually all of the boys had quite the fortresses for their ideal houses and would have been able to withstand impressive battles.


Of course once you got inside, you’d see the pet room, and the Halloween room, that’s right he had a year round Halloween room.

And then in the attic there was the spiders.  I think those were pets also.

And more weapons.

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