We got new Bibles


We decided it was time to get them real grown up Bibles.  And after 30 minutes of searching for the “right” one we finally found one that we could agree on with the kids.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find one that Princess liked.  But the end result was well worth it:



They all went to sleep with their Bibles right there with them.


And they’ve spent the last few weeks showing off their new Bibles to whoever will stand still long enough to find out about them.


Do you remember your first Bible?  I remember mine, it was a pink International Children’s Bible, and I read it so much that eventually most of the New Testament would fall out in little pieces.  I loved to look at the pictures and then find the story that the picture referred to.


9 thoughts on “We got new Bibles

  1. I JUST ordered Big Boy Bibles for my 6 year olds..the Discover's Bible that one of your boys is holding!!! My daughter already has one. I love the case you have for Bibles! What kind is it??? My boys have “read” their story Bibles so much that the binding has come off. I am thinking that I carrying case would be a good idea!!!

  2. I do remember my first Bible. I was a little too young for it and I pulled several pages out to write “checks” like I had seen my mother do with her checkbook.: ) She was horrified when she found out, although I remember wondering what all the fuss was about.

  3. You gotta let me know how to covers work for you! I read reviews on Amazon and CBD and a number of people talked about the handles coming off within weeks/months of purchasing them. Since you actually own them, what do you think about the durability? Please keep me posted on how the hold up with your boys!

  4. I remember getting a Precious Moments Bible from my grandparents when I was maybe 6 or 7. I cherished that Bible because Mamaw wrote a special message in the front! 🙂 My daughter is 3 and doesn't have a 'big girl' Bible yet but she has 3 different story Bibles and she LOVES to read stories out of them, and they're worded wonderfully so that she understands the content! Thanks for sharing!

    -From: Homeschooling, Our Way!

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