Playful Space: Kitchen table

We’re a little odd, we don’t eat at our kitchen table.  It’s a nice little six-seater table, but Jeff and I always kick feet under it and not in that cute “oh we’re playing footsy” sort of way, more of the I’m stepping on your foot kind of way.  So we started using the dining room table, you’ve seen that table a lot, it’s where I do a lot of school work.
kitchen table, currently piled with junk
So, here’s my kitchen table before being cleared off.  It’s a huge mess, it became the dumping ground for anything that was brought in but didn’t have a specific home to put it in within 5 seconds.  Yes, I am that ADD.

Well, I started clearing it off and set it up as a creation station, because you know my kids need more inspiration to do stuff like that and never do it on their own.
kitchen table after
And here’s the after (before they got into it).
kitchen table after once the kids got started
And here they are during the hour or so they happily spent deocrating the first project I set up there.  They claim it’s not done yet, but I haven’t seen them working on it recently, so I think I need to put in some new supplies or change the project.

I’m thinking furniture next……..

9 thoughts on “Playful Space: Kitchen table

  1. Looks like you are taking that book to heart. I started out doing this…then it evolved to strewing school materials…that is how my homeschool became more unschooling in nature. They look so happy and involved in the photo.

  2. I love the area you created, but wow look at the table in the first picture. Just looking at it would drain me of any energy to even attempt to put together a playful station.

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