Science Sunday: Identify that sea turtle



Yes, we’re still learning about sea turtles.  Last week was just the first part of the lesson.  Now we get into the real thing.  First I searched all over to find images of sea turtles to print out, and then ended up finding a great site, Sea Turtle Conservancy, and used their pictures of sea turtles to make our cards and identify the different types.




Then we looked at Ridley, he’s my sea turtle I got in Galveston this summer.  I could have sworn I had a picture of Princess with him from earlier, she’s trying very hard to steal him from me.


I posed the dilemma of what type of turtle is Ridley?


What do you think?  We debated long and hard about this.  Here are your choices: Ridley Kimp sea turtle, loggerhead turtle, green sea turtle, leatherback, Australian flatback, olive ridley, or hawksbill turtle?


I’ll come back and comment later with what we thought it was.  If you go to the website I linked to you can see pictures of the different types.

7 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Identify that sea turtle

  1. The kids all eventually ended up on a green sea turtle because of the picture I had pulled of a green sea turtle.

    My original picture of a loggerhead turtle looked kind of like it to me.

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