Science Sunday: turtles

Science Sunday
We started studying sea turtles this week, and we got to the part about how hard and awkward it is for them to maneuver on land.  So, we tried to move like them.  The kids had to put their hands on their shoulders and could only move using their arms.
Needless to say, they did not move very much or very far.

Then we watched several videos on youtube of sea turtles laying eggs, hatching and baby sea turtles.

I can’t find the first one I had found which does such a great job of showing how hard it is for sea turtles to move, but this one was rather fascinating.
Then I told them how I got to go see a sea turtle farm with baby sea turtles, which led us to videos of baby sea turtles.  We watched several, but I’ll only share with you their favorite, what I’ve dubbed the “Bite my finger, are you sure it’s not Uncle Sean” video.

13 thoughts on “Science Sunday: turtles

  1. Matthew loves turtles! Our nature center has many, and even the snapping turtle is sooo gentle. It's fun to (gently) place them on their backs and see how quickly they flip back over. 🙂 (Only once though, or they get frightened.) Love that picture of you holding one!

  2. Love lessons that involve “movement” for kids or in this case lack of movement!! A great way to illustrate how hard it is for the turtles! I agree, I wonder how I ever taught before You Tube! It can take you anywhere around the world to see amazing things.
    I'm doing a lot of math right now but should get back to more science in a while.
    Thanks for hosting Sunday Science and sharing all your fun science activities each week. I love reading your activity and all the others each week.
    Marcia 🙂

  3. Selena loves watching the two turtles at our Pediatrician's office, they get pretty funny at times, especially when they are trying to climb the side of the aquarium to get out, or crawling over the top of each other.

  4. When I was in college my parents were living in Nicaragua. I went to visit them at Christmas and we drove two hours on dirt roads to get to this incredible, deserted beach. And there were baby sea turtles hatching and making their way to the water. AMAZING!!!

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