New Hampshire: The Oldest Barn

Tuttle’s Red Barn, is a true story about a family barn that has been in the family for over 400 years.  It follows the family from when the first one came over all the way up to when the book was published in 2003 (give or take on that last year).

It’s a great chance to do a timeline activity and that’s just what we did.  I scanned images from the book and we put them in order on sentence strips.
It was a real struggle on some of the pictures to figure out where it went in the timeline.  Some pictures were easy to figure out, if it had a car it was more recent, but there were many times it could have been in different places.  We found ourselves double checking the book very often.

I love the story and was talking with the other Mom about how cool it would be to visit there someday.  She went home and looked up this family on the internet and we were both so sad to learn that it’s currently for sale because the next generation isn’t interested in taking up the family farm.  Isn’t that sad?

9 thoughts on “New Hampshire: The Oldest Barn

  1. That is very sad. Coming from a farm family that left farming, though, I understand why the younger generation isn't interested. Maintaining farm is a LOT of work – and risk, since the weather basically runs the farm and you can't control or really predict the weather!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am very interested in this book as we are enjoying several farms this time of year and working on the concepts of timelines in prep of a large dinosaur unit/timeline we are soon working on.

    I am new to your blog! Looking forward to reading often!

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