Science Sunday: Jungle Quicksand review

Science Sunday

I bought this ages ago for my nephew who at the time was really into experiments and such stuff, and then I moved before it was time to give it to him and it disappeared into the boxes, and I dug it out years later, and it just never seemed quite the right time to give it to him.

And then I was looking for something to occupy my kids for awhile, and decided to try this.


It comes with what you see pictured above, a small flimsy plastic thing, some white powder (that when you read the instructions you discover is actually cornstarch), cardboard cut outs of grass and the sign, and two animals.

No, really that’s all that’s in there for $10.  If I’d known then what I know now I wouldn’t have bought this kit.  But, I was young and naïve and wasn’t aware that the world of blogging would teach me how to do the same thing.


They recommended pouring in a small amount of water and then mixing it with your hand.  I accidentally poured in too much, so I just went to my pantry and dumped my entire box of cornstarch into the bowl.

That was much more satisfying.
I spent a while with the kids talking about the properties and such, and they had fun letting the animals sink and get thoroughly messy.  After a while they wanted to do more, so I sent them outside.

And thanks to it, I got a good 30-45 minutes of time to myself to work on cleaning the kitchen.  Pretty impressive considering it was about 100 degrees outside as they’re playing.

So, do you have any kits you’ve bought that were a total waste of money?  So far, I’m two for two.

11 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Jungle Quicksand review

  1. Yes, I have btought many kits that were a total waste of time. One was a Magnetic kit. It came with things I already had. I just got this kit your talking about yesterday for $2.00 I thought it was cheap enough for a do it yourself, stay busy science kit. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It's too funny, I now really think of whether I want to spend money on something that looks very scientific but will end up just cluttering my boxes when I know that I can probably whip it up myself. At least your kids had fun. I hope you will see more rain soon!

  3. Interesting. So if I want to show my kids about quicksand, I just need water and cornstarch. I think they'd love to do that. Of course, I'm guessing my cornstarch will be less than $10! 😉

  4. Oh I would have been mad if I bought that kit and it was cornstarch. You should put together science kits and sell them. This is proof that there us a market for it and you can make money. 😉
    Now we are too experienced to fall for it, but i am sure other people would be all over it. Even knowing ut was cornstarch, just to have an easy kit.

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