Kid Craft: Make a road map

We’ve made lots of blue tape roads all over our floor, and I saw a super cool idea over on Quirky Momma, and knew I wanted to make it.

Besides it made a great distraction for the boys who didn’t have a friend over while Princess did.

And while I had great plans of multi-level ones on our stairs, my boys wanted flat folders they could fold up and carry around.
But, Quirky Momma really has a much cooler one, so you should go check it out.

I’m clearing through some drafts, and saw this one.  It’s definitely an instance where I had grand plans and the boys just weren’t inspired by the craft.  Do you ever have crafts or activities like that?  “The best laid plans” and all that?

6 thoughts on “Kid Craft: Make a road map

  1. That happens a lot in my house, which is why these days I mostly just let the kids plan the crafts!

    That is a super cool idea, though! Too bad we don't have any stairs in our house!

  2. I loved this road map idea too. I usually have at least one taker on crafts, but sometimes they don't always go as planned. I bet your boys find a good way to use their maps though.
    Little Wonders' Days

  3. This combined with Cars 2 seems to of awakened a never before seen obsession with cars and things like that. So, I suddenly have children who want all car toys, this is brand new.

  4. I had the best laid plans this week and ended up in tears twice because of it. Nothing was fun or interesting enough. So I spent a lot of time saying things to myself like, “I am not cut out for homeschooling; He would bet better off with a 'real' teacher that knows what she is doing; I'm the worst mother in the world”… all that nonsense. I'm so glad to hear that it even happens to you sometimes! Not happy that it happened to you, though, just glad to know it does. 😉

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