Fun quick tip for deocrating

I used dishwasher detergent to clean my sink.  It’s great because the bleach in the detergent helps get rid of the stains in my sink and scrubs it all out, but ever since we switched to using the tabs of soap for the dishwasher I didn’t have it as much (we switched to the tabs because the kids could put those in and not overfill the soap dispenser).

So, I bought a box of it and filled an empty spice container with the soap ready to be poured onto dirty sinks.

But it looks ugly.
Solution:  Prettify it.  Yes, that is a word.
Supplies: spice bottle, mod podge, paintbrush, scrapbook paper (mine is from a scrapbooking calendar)
It’s super quick and easy.  I just cut the paper down to size, and then painted mod podge all over the container.  After carefully aligning it I put it on and then put some more mod podge over the top.

Super duper easy!

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