New Hampshire: Granite Baby

Granite Baby is a cute book set in New Hampshire that has the feel of a tall tale.  And since I love all things fairy tale and tall tale I had to include this book.

Five sisters are the best and biggest at everything.  One of them brags she can carve a real live baby out of stone, and she does.  Only they don’t know how to take care of the baby.  The rest of the story details how they solve it.
And what does this lead to, but of course carving.  But, I wasn’t about to let the kids try carving wood or rocks.  That left us soap.  I found a large stack of hand soap and gave them all butter knives and let them have at it.

Batman quickly dropped his plans for carving toy soldiers in favor of the easier boat.  Princess tricked me into carving her a horse.  Yes, I know big surprise.


Afterwards Batman was found carving 3 more boats, and now my dining room table has little soap shavings on it that I haven’t been able to get off.

This led to my guests on Friday complaining about the soap flavored food when they ate their finger food after touching the table.

Ummmm……  oops…….

Also linking this over at Journey to Excellence, which is hosting an American History linkie.
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