acting out stories

I’ve mentioned before occasionally that my kids like to act out books, movies, and TV shows.


One of their recent obsessions has been Max and Ruby, and after watching the one where Ruby creates a clubhouse we HAD to act it out.




So, first we had to build our clubhouse and decorate it.


This did require taking all of the bean bags I had just finished sewing and strewing them about the tent as bunting.



Then we ate our snack.  After much debate they decided I was allowed in the club because otherwise I wasn’t going to bring them snack.  I felt that if I’m going to be bringing them a snack than I should get to eat the snack……..


Afterwards we played with our dolls.  They like to be carried in a piggy back ride while yelling very loudly.  I think the key part of that was loudly.


Finally we ended the afternoon with a rousing game of Carcassone.


A nice fun afternoon.  I need more afternoons like this…..


9 thoughts on “acting out stories

  1. Looks like a fabulous day of fun. I think we ALL need more days like that! I remember one day where the boys and I did our entire school day in a fort built out of sheets…your post reminded me of that fun!

  2. I had to laugh about you being allowed into the club and the whole snack thing!!!

    I WONDER where they would get their interest in acting out stories…….hmmm, maybe one of their parents has some theater in her blood????????

  3. This is a CONSTANT occurrence at our house! My kids act out t.v. shows and movies ALL DAY!! I never know who they are going to be next. It's so fun to watch, especially when they are in the backyard, all dressed in character, acting things out oblivious to the world.

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