Bible Alive: Creation!

If this seems like a familiar topic it’s because I’ve taught it a couple of times before.  First because we did My Father’s World, and then because of Mystery of History.  This time it’s because we’re starting a 2 year trek through the Bible with our Sunday School class and my kids get to be the guinea pigs for activities.



For whatever reason I decided it’d be a brilliant idea to make a game of “Sort the days of Creation bean bag” toss.


So, I sat there and ironed on about 90 transfers onto squares and made insanely large numbers of bean bags.

Materials for book: creation printables, jello, index cards

Materials for bean bags: creation printables, fabric, iron on transfers, stuffing of some sort


Then I took seven index cards and had the kids make a cheat sheet about the days of creation.  I printed off smaller version of the same pictures and made jello stickers (my counter and tables were covered in these sheets for days as they dried).


They happily licked their way through the days of creation, and finally drew a picture of “God taking a nap.”


And there’s their books to help them play the game.


And there we played the game.  There were 3 different colors of bean bags, and I just so happen to have 3 kids.  Coincidence?  I think not…….

7 thoughts on “Bible Alive: Creation!

  1. This is great – I love that you used bean bags and jello stickers – sounds like lots of fun!!!

    I have just been super busy (start of soccer for little ones, football for T, back to school shopping, etc)- no baby yet!

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