Science Sunday: rabbits and bunnies and what was in the yard

Science Sunday

This past week we didn’t get much school done because we went up to help my mother-in-law who had just had back surgery.  I was wondering what I’d be writing on, but then the perfect post fell into my lap, so to speak.


“MOMMY!!!!  Come now, there’s a bunny outside and you have to come see it!”


So I hurried out to see the rabbit.  And we slowly walked around the yard following it and the rabbit stopped and just sat there for the longest time.



So, I challenged Superman to slowly walk up and see if he could touch the rabbit, because it was seeming fairly tame.


I instructed him on how you walk up to wild animals, and how slowly you have to move.



He was about three feet away when she startled and we saw these little guys…….  Aren’t they cute?


Which of course led to a discussion about rabbits and how old are these guys?  After much observation we had a big debate going.  The boys all thought they had just been born.  Princess thought they were a few days old, and I thought they were about a week old.


After a quick search online we found out babies open their eyes at 10 days old.  So, that means they’re quite likely 2 weeks old.


We also found their burrow, but didn’t want to get too close for fear of collapsing it, or scaring the mom away.


Pretty cool discovery though, wouldn’t you say?

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