Wordless Wednesday: Not Back to School Breakfast


My only question: Why when given a large list of restaurants to choose from did they choose McDonalds?

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Not Back to School Breakfast

  1. Because they are kids! I think they will always choose McDonalds! Well, until they get about 12 and all of a sudden they want to go to “real” resturants and get “real” food which costs a lot of “real” money!

  2. Selena would so pick Mickey D's as her favorite restaurant even though she seldom eats the food. Second on her list would be I Hop where she orders grilled cheese, the only place she will eat grilled cheese. Kids are hilarious at times.

  3. McDonalds, 5 star dining for kids, lol! Just remember, I had to endure it for 3 days in a row when they had their back to school shopping time with me.

    Little Wonders' Days

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