Bible Alive: Noah’s Ark

For the past couple of weeks with my kids we’ve been learning about Noah’s ark.  In the Bible Study Guide for All Ages it takes 3 weeks to go through the entire story.  So, I figured to do a few small art projects each week.



First I gave the kids orange juice cartons, some acrylic paint and let them have at it.


While I was thinking brown, you know because wood is brown.  My kids were thinking blue, pink, and brown.  Very colorful arks.



This past week with Noah languishing on the ark I decided to let them have a go at making things to go in the ark.  I got out my basket of “wooden things.”  No really, that’s how I labeled it.  And let them have at it.


Superman found some really small corks that he declared to be cups, Batman found all the match sticks (they’re not real matches) and taped them all over his ark, and said they were guns.



Meanwhile, Princess was quite happily ensconced at her desk and creating Mrs. Noah, which then changed into Mommy and Princess, and then she got a few more clothespins and made the whole family.  I’ll write about that super cute kit later, it’s the cause of one of her debacles last week.



After a while the boys decided they needed animals in their ark, so I got out another Klutz book I’d been given and we set out to make pipe cleaner animals.


Now my boys’ previous attempts at pipe cleaners are well…… interesting.  But this time they actually somewhat patiently followed directions.

So, for the past several days they’ve been hounding me to show them how to make another animal.  So, I’m sure I’ll be updating you on the interesting creations that brings about.


Included in the boys arks: Daddy lion, 2 bees, a bear, Noah (no Mrs. Noah because they don’t want girls), Superman’s also has 2 cups and a barrel to hold lots of water.  Both boys have guns to protect the arks.  I don’t know from what.


Earlier today I heard them playing upstairs “Flood,” everything is covered in water and we have to go in the ark and be safe…….

11 thoughts on “Bible Alive: Noah’s Ark

  1. Thanks for stopping by, cute idea! You know I Had so many recyclable type materials I had been hanging onto that I threw away when we moved, and I wish now we would have just brought them! lol

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