Superman lost his first tooth!


And boy is he excited about it.  It took almost an hour for him to stop looking in the mirror every two minutes.  Batman is almost as excited as Superman, and he had to show off the tooth.


He and Batman both slept on Batman’s bed last night so the tooth fairy would have easy access to get to his tooth.  Aren’t they cute.

13 thoughts on “Superman lost his first tooth!

  1. That is so cute how they are sleeping together. Maybe that is one reason my parents always did the tooth fairy using a glass of water in the kitchen…but hey I did the same thing with my children too. Easier to get to then in the bedroom.

  2. Thanks for joining the new MOH Blog Roll, Ticia! Even though you'll be doing something else for right now, I'd love it if you could help get the word out since you probably know other MOH users – the more the merrier for sure! :^)

  3. Very cute to have them sleeping together!

    My kids are still working on growing teeth but I am sure they will be excited when they start losing them!

  4. Superman got money for his tooth. Batman hasn't lost any yet, but he has a fairly wiggly tooth.

    Princess declares that she doesn't want to lose any teeth.

  5. How considerate to make sure the tooth fairy had easy access. Very sweet indeed.

    Looking in the mirror for an hour after the big event is very cute.

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