Goals for August:

I have to admit I rarely write monthly goal posts.  Why?  Because I don’t keep them, or rarely do, but I have a lot I want to get done and I need to plan it all out so I can do that.

So, here goes.

  1. Finish up the Explorers unit.  Which if we buckle down we’ll be able to.  As a follow on to that statement, write a review of the product.  I’m really enjoying it, and am always happy to share things I like. close enough to done.
  2. Continue building the kids up to a full day of school.  We’re almost there, and it’s going fairly smoothly.  I just need to create a plan, which leads to:  SUCCESS!


  1. 001Plan out general idea of lesson plans for the school year.  I’ve done this for History, mainly because we’re doing it with another family.  But, I desperately want to get geography and science in particular better planned.  progress, but not done
  2. I have the school room organized.  I don’t remember if I put up the before and after shots, but that is done.  My goal for the next week (as in before August 11) is to get the rest of the upstairs done.  I know that is overly ambitious, but I think it might be doable.  in flux, I get it done, but don’t follow up and it falls apart again.  Still working
  3. Create a family schedule.  I won a great book at the Curriculum Cleanout for scheduling and making better use of your time.  I want to do this because I am a huge waster of time.  Insanely so.  morning is figured out, now to stick to it and get the afternoon done
  4. Figure out stories and lessons for the first two months of the next year at church.  first month done, second month closer.


  1. 015Exercise more, this goes back to that family schedule.  If it’s in there I’ll do it. not done
  2. Figure out a healthier snack than chips and salsa.  I like to snack when playing computer games, and I figure if I were to just cut out the chips and salsa I’d go a long ways to losing the 10 pounds I want to lose (and having someone ask if I’m pregnant is a great motivator) somewhat done
  3. Look for specific ways to encourage my family.  This includes Jeff and the kids, I’m not a great verbal encourager, which my accountability partner has pointed out could help with problems I’ve been having in various areas.  in progress


  1. 061A chore schedule.  Which again goes to the family schedule, if I have cleaning time built into the day we’ll all do better.  not done completely
  2. I want to teach them how to sort their own laundry.  They are capable, but I haven’t taught them so when they bring down laundry it all is just thrown into whichever bin has the least clothes.  And it’s almost always the wrong color.  not done
  3. Work on Princess’ bad habits.  This past week we’ve caught her in several discipline issues that are going from slightly bad to being full blown trouble.  I’ve had to take away more privileges from her this past week than I’ve ever imagined.  And then tonight as we put her to bed we discovered two more things she’s done.  Any suggestions for strong willed children are very much appreciated or children who are hiding things, like say eating 30 starburst.  BETTER NOW!
  4. Implement an idea I saw over on Educating Layton for encouraging being respectful and responding immediately by giving out M&Ms for right behavior (this has to wait until Princess is allowed candy again, one of three punishments she has).  done, but not consistently

So, that’s my goals for this month, and also why if you see me being less responsive or not posting as much you’ll know why.  I’m busy trying to do way too many things.
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10 thoughts on “Goals for August:

  1. When you get some good suggestions for the strong willed child, share them with me. We have our good days and not so good days, but they are getting better.

  2. C is my strong willed child and I have read lots of books on the topic, and I have zero suggestions! Supposedly, this will be a great trait later in life!

    I hope you accomplish all of your goals – busy month!

  3. I have a book called, “Your Strong-Willed Child” but I haven't read it yet. Great to set goals! It was nice to take time off during the summer as our only goal was to walk and swim. I'm going to miss that. Good luck in getting things done!

  4. I'm sure it's not funny to you, but I did have to chuckle a little at the 30 starburst.

    I think all 3 of mine are fairly strong willed. I don't think of myself as anyone to give advice on parenting, but I find trying to stay one step ahead of them is helpful. Also, it's never been my mindset to break their will either, just to teach them to use it for good. I know they can be exhausting too, so hang in there.

    Little Wonders' Days

  5. Sounds like you will be busy!!!

    Positive reinforcement is the only advice I have to offer for strong-willed children. That and logical consequences, but sometimes a logical consequence is hard to come by.

    My teenage sister is at a treatment center for teens (she's in there for severe depression, but some kids are there for having problems with authority, etc). They use a “consequence wheel” where you spin and there are thirteen options. The options range from one lucky non-consequence (pick a treat) to extra chores to really miserable (no free time for two days). I was surprised to see a positive consequence on there, but it seems to work well at teaching kids to behave and the fact that, yes, sometimes you do something wrong and don't suffer because of it, but the negative consequences are serious enough that you don't want to take that risk. The non-consequence is also there because sometimes you get blamed for something that wasn't really your fault…

  6. I was fascinated by Maryanne's advice. I don't consider my child particularly strong willed, but she is definitely marching to her own drumbeat. However, she'd rather please us than to anger us, since Lars is very strong on enforcing negative consequences and praising her for good behavior. Good luck with your goals – you do have a long list and I hope that you manage to hit them all. I am a big time waster myself 🙂

  7. About six months after I had Blake a lady asked me “when is your baby due?” That was a good motivator for me to start pounding the pavement.

    All the best with achieving your goals.

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