Science Sunday: Experiments with burned cookies

Science Sunday

I loved all of the suggestions I got last Sunday for what to do, and I agreed looking into irreversible change was a great idea, and then I introduced the concept:


Me:  When we get home we’re going to figure out how to unburn the cookies I burned.


Princess:  Mooooom, you can’t do that.  It’s irreversible change.


And that was the end of that idea, but they loved the idea of making experiments with the cookies, so they each got two burned cookies to experiment with.

Experiment 1 for both Superman and Batman:



Question: Will the cookie float in water?


Hypothesis: Yes it will.




Results:  After putting the cookie in the water, they discovered that yes it does float in the water.  Batman next wanted to see if it could hold up a car.


That it didn’t really do.  Partially because the car kept rolling off in my opinion.


They also discovered the cookie turned the water a rather gross brown.


Experiment 2 for Batman: Will a toy break the car?


Hypothesis: The ball will not, but the car might.


Results:  The ball just bounced off of it and got crumbs everywhere.  The car when dropped front first (front wheels, with a harder edge) did break off a piece.


Batman repeated this with the car several times which led to one of Princess’ experiments.


Princess Experiment 1 and 2:


Question: Will Mac eat the burned cookie?


Hypothesis: Yes, he eats anything.


Results:  He would start to eat it and then would spit out the cookie, usually.  Princess followed up after Mac ate the first one to see if Mac would follow the trail of cookies and eat them.


Results of 2nd experiment:  The trail of cookies did disappear, but I am fairly sure Mac didn’t eat them due to the random cookie bits I’ve been finding all over.


The boy’s final experiment was to take the cookies and put them outside for the birds to eat.  It’s been a few days and I don’t believe the birds have eaten them yet.  That may be due to where they put the cookies.  One in a rather disgusting swamp of a flower pot that is full of slush.  The other is right next to our porch and covered in grass.  I rarely see birds come all that close to our house.


So, there you have it.  That’s my kids experiments, and that’ll teach me for trying to plan a wonderful experiment of my own…….


Please say someone besides me has kids who take an idea and run for the mountains as fast as they can (and considering there aren’t really mountains in Texas that tells you how far they run).

10 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Experiments with burned cookies

  1. 1. I knew you had burned cookies, but I didn't realize they were that burned – Wow! There might have been a good fire prevention lesson in there 🙂

    2. So…you find growing mold gross, but you don't mind dog spit out bits of burned cookies around the house?

    3. I love the way your kids run with ideas!

  2. Who knew burnt cookies could inspire such wonderful experiments! I'm glad Mac got a chance to participate.

    Recently, K has been pulling things to see if it will regenerate after learning that walking sticks and lizards regenerate their body parts. She also love making her dinosaur grow in water which led her to pulling its tail. “Don't worry mom, it's a lizard. It'll grow back!” LOL.

  3. Yeah…… See, the mold isn't overly gross, it's more the deliberately growing it when I keep finding food bits my kids have hidden.

    And, I was shocked the fire alarm didn't go off with these cookies. Literally, smoke pouring out of the oven.

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