Maryland: Billie Holiday

I found a few famous people who were from Maryland, and being a Jazz fan I decided to spotlight Billie Holiday.  I wanted to do something for Jim Henson as well, but I’m still brainstorming that one.



Tiny’s Hat is a super cute story about Billie Holiday as a girl and how much she loves her Daddy, but he goes away.  It’s rather sad and bitter sweet, but ends on a happy note.


I loved the chalk illustrations on this book and thought it’d be fun to let the kids try drawing with chalk.


003SUPPLIES: chalk (I found a box at Michael’s for a dollar), black construction paper


The kids happily experimented with drawing in chalk, for a while, and I left them with the paper and chalk and took turns having the kids read to me.


I returned to discover they’d left my planned project and started their own



I don’t have a picture of Princess’ bat, using black construction paper, a plastic lid, and 10 pounds of blue tape, but it was impressive.


And now I’m going to actually remember to hit publish!

Shibley Smiles

12 thoughts on “Maryland: Billie Holiday

  1. Another great Maryland post. You guys know more about Maryland than I do and I have lived here nearly 50 years! I am sending you postcards as soon as I can! I don't drive, so it is a bit of a struggle since Steven broke his leg!

  2. I love reading posts where the art of the book is recreated, like you did with the chalk.

    I'm not really a jazz fan, but I took a history of jazz class in college to fulfill a fine arts requirement and I thought it was very interesting!

  3. You making learning about the different States lots of fun. I wish my history teachers had been half as creative.: ) I also love how your kids went on their own creative path.

  4. this is what happens when you leave the colored duct tape where they can find it.

    Most of my planned projects morph into my boys' own designs…. or they just skip mine completely and go straight to theirs.

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